Dan says goodbye
Entering Chernigiv

Mountain Bike Trip Map: Aug 6, 2006
Day 32-Ukraine, Kiev - Klpti :
Complete Log entry for Christian

Today was a quick day but pulling 170 km made me a little tired and I just wanted to go to bed. The original plan was to stop in klpti but when I had arrived it was a little rough and seemed to be geared for the truck drivers so I continued to Chernigiv which was a little further than I had expected. Tomorrow Emmanuelle will meet me here in the afternoon so I didn’t mind a day that I could sleep in. I was surprised of my stamina for the trip; it seemed that I could push relentlessly forward without letting off. In fact, I had only taken 2 10 min breaks during the 8 hours.

Not the type of thing I want to do every day and when I arrived into town I couldn’t even stand on my own two wobbly feet. It’s nice to know the limits. I arrived in the centre of town at about 5 or so and immediately went for a nap until 9 pm. I toured around the town and ate at a small Ukrainian diner called McDonalds. I went to bed immediately after.

Sleep felt good.