Sunset over the bridge
Another lost lakeshot

Mountain Bike Trip Map: July 10, 2006
Day 5-Germany, Neresheim-Nurnberg:
Complete Log entry for Christian

Not much really to report today but I got lost again in the forest. You would think that with a map and a GPS I wouldn’t get lost so often but truthfully Emmanuelle is usually the navigator and I just follow blindly and we usually get there.

Anyway my trail ended in Nuremberg which is quite a pretty town but we did manage to get out and do some campaigning around town. I met Emmanuelle at the hotel which she found close to the center of town and then we handed out flyers and information about our trip. I was so exhausted by the trip I could barley stand up so I let Emmanuelle do most of the talking.

One thing that she failed to mention to me was that she could speak German. This comes in really handy now that we are in Germany. It seems that the subject just never came up in the last ten years together. Or maybe it was a closely guarded secret that she was ashamed of.

Anyway my muscles are fatigued so I have decided to take a long break until tomorrow at 6 am.