Coffee + morning = happy
see why we get lost??
We ended up in Disneyland

Mountain Bike Trip Map: July 23, 2006
Day 18-Ukraine, Lublin-Ljubomi :
Complete Log entry for Emmanuelle

It was 6am when we woke up this morning. I am slowly starting to get used to getting up that early.

After a warm coffee, we slowly hit the road towards the station. The plan was to take the train to the closest town from the Ukrainian border. With drawings, gestures and sign language I managed to get a ticket to Dorohusk. Then I asked the lady when the train was. She looked on her old paper schedule, asked a colleague, and from her face and lots of "nie, nie" I understood there was no train! And I had to go to information booth to get more details. Once again, I had to stand in line while an old lady kept waving a piece of paper with what it seemed to be a phone number, to finally pass in front of me to wave it at the lady at the counter. I finally got to the counter to hear about the bad news, realizing that the next train was on Thursday, I hopped in the next train in the general direction of Ukraine.

I met Chris in Chelm which about 20 km from the border.

Crossing the border was a 3 hour adventure with 4 gates to pass, the first telling us we were not allowed to bike on Ukrainian roads because we had no motor to our bikes. Fortunately, it was not the opinion of all guards and after a few jokes and sweat drops we were free to go!

For the next 3 hours, people that we passed at the border were honking to us after finally being released by the border even though they had motors. It was getting late, we were tired and hungry, we stopped at a gas station, all eager to replenish our stock on food and water to find out they were not accepting master card although there was a sign on their door neither euros, nor polskies!

I was getting cranky and ready to eat my coffee powder when we finally hit a small town Lubjomi where a taxi driver helped us find a bank machine that worked. We had dinner finally: ice cream and bread! It was better than my coffee powder!

We proceeded to continue biking but it was getting dark and we were ready to sleep in a bush, on the side of the road when suddenly, a miracle just arose! A picture of a bed and an arrow!

So we followed the sign which took us to this amazing lala land camp resort with bungalows and artificial lake, even a fawn playing with what looked like "Dirty Dancing" movie staff all dressed prime and proper except for the Vietnam costume of the guard who grinned a huge welcome in Ukrainian.

It was too perfect to be true; I kept pinching myself to check if I was already sleeping! Apparently I was not.

We were treated for a nice Ukrainian meal in a calm restaurant which gathered the whole Ukraine in a small room of napkins and knickknacks and went to bed early that night.