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Welcome to the Mountain bike trip map section that outlines our cycling route to raise awareness for the survivors of the Chernobyl accident. Feel free to browse our the map below or to use the menu above to find other days of our 2000 km mountain bike trip. The map of day 1 will start in Fribourg Switzerland and end in Olten Switzerland.
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Day 20 : Ukraine
Luts'k - Rivne

Total Km:
80 km
Av Speed:
15 km/h
Total Time:
13 h
Altitude acc:
450 m
29 ° C
sunny and hot

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Chernobyl trek from Fribourg switzerland travel to chernobyl

Christian's Journal Entry for Day 20 :We woke up really early to find that we crossed a time zone and woke up late. Then we spent 2 hours in a bank to exchange money from euros into euros. Kind of hard to explain so I won’t even try this time all I know is that I paid 15 euros to do the transaction.

So we left really late towards Rivne and crossed the town of Lutsk in the process. The only thing I can say about this crossing is that I tried to buy a drink at a store and the lady wouldn’t unlock the fridge for me and the only thing she could say in English was "no drink... no drink". Utterly amused by this situation I couldn’t help but grinning just a little....click here to read more

Emmanuelle's Journal Entry for Day 20 : Ok, so it was not a dream! We had really slept in a bungalow in this magical, clean little **** camping resort in the middle of nowhere.

After a hardy Ukrainian breakfast, we picked up our bikes. Thank God they were still there! And hit the road. It was somewhat of a nice ride, I say somewhat because, the scenery was great and very different from what I had ever seen before, but the roads! Ah, the roads were rough! Holes and bumps, gravels and cracks were dancing in front my eyes! I had to constantly lift my arm to prevent it from being shaken up.

At 1pm I was already pretty tired so we stopped and Chris set up the hammock. I just crashed, oblivious to the constant noise of the crazy traffic!...click here to read more

Chernobyl trek from Fribourg switzerland travel to chernobyl