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The nuclear question:
We (Christian Boyko and Emmanuelle Plattet) with Foccus have a neutral position in regard to nuclear energy development and the technology involved: we encourage people to explore the facts (including what happened at Chernobyl, explore alternatives, and make up their own mind) we don't want to get caught in the ongoing debate and finger pointing. The fact is that millions of peoples lives were ruined the day of the Chernobyl accident and we, FOCCUS and this whole trip is about is helping people rebuild their lives.

Our goal in this trip:
The goal of this trip is not to raise money, nor is it to exploit the alternatives to nuclear energy but to raise the level of awareness worldwide in hopes to provide needed emotional support to people that are presently affected by the Chernobyl accident. Our trip is not to affirm or deny reports or to spread propaganda in any way. In fact the only truth that we hold on to is that there are people who need help.

The literature found on this site:
It is difficult to give the true picture of the psychological damage and the day to day problems that the people of the Ukraine and surrounding areas of Russia and Belarus endure. The literature and documents found on this site has the goal of giving some basic literature and tools in order for you to make up your mind about the subject. Given all the current controversy about the adverse health effects arising from the Chernobyl accident it is necessary for us to apologise for any misunderstandings or offence that this may cause. We highly recommend keeping an objective mind, verifying any facts from other sources and seeing the arguments from all sides when reading the documents on our site or any site.

The supproters:
We believe in giving credit where it is due and giving every one the chance to participate in our journey from Fribourg to Kiev by posting a message on our site but the views and the people who support our trip are not necessarily the views or opinions of Christian Boyko, Emmanuelle Plattet or FOCCUS (or anyother of our sponsors for that matter). We hope that people will not be afraid to openly support our project and fllow us on our journey with an open heart leaving behind all differences and ulterior motives.

If you have any questions or comments please help us help others

Christian and Emmanuelle