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Welcome to the Mountain bike trip map section that outlines our cycling route to raise awareness for the survivors of the Chernobyl accident. Feel free to browse our the map below or to use the menu above to find other days of our 2000 km mountain bike trip. The map of day 1 will start in Fribourg Switzerland and end in Olten Switzerland.
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Day 27 : Ukraine

Total Km:
0 km
Av Speed:
0 km/h
Total Time:
Altitude acc:
25 ° C
Rain and Sun

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Christian's Journal Entry for Day 27 : We arrived at the centre at 9am and we finally got t tour the center and see all of the activities. The centre serves as a support for people who have relocated from the Chernobyl zone both recently and 20 years ago. The center helps with people with drinking problems and centres around seemingly all social problems. there are two main focuses o the center which are psychological and social and seems to appear at first as an art museum instead of a center with paintings, sculptures and collages everywhere. Their program is supported mainly through the arts and creativity and its spirit is alive in every room. We had a chance to see the work in progress and Emma and I were both totally amazed at the efficiency of the center. The team was also great.

We had a press conference with the local media and radio and I was relieved to find their questions direct and valid to our cause. We had Tanya translate for us during the interview. It went for about an hour and then we were off to see the orphanage.....click here to read more

Emmanuelle's Journal Entry for Day 27 : Anna had offered me to wash our clothes. I was so excited that I gave them all including my only pair of pants. I thought they would be dry by today but they were not. I finally decided to hair dry them but they were still humid when it was time to leave for the press conference.

We were interviewed by a few local journalists and one radio station. It was sometimes difficult to answer questions because they had been asked before by other journalists. I had to remember that journalists were actually hearing our answers for the first time......click here to read more

Chernobyl trek from Fribourg switzerland travel to chernobyl