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Welcome to the Mountain bike trip map section that outlines our cycling route to raise awareness for the survivors of the Chernobyl accident. Feel free to browse our the map below or to use the menu above to find other days of our 2000 km mountain bike trip. The map of day 1 will start in Fribourg Switzerland and end in Olten Switzerland.
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Day 17 : Ukraine

Total Km:
110 km
Av Speed:
22 km/h
Total Time:
6 h
Altitude acc:
200 m
30 ° C
sunny and hot

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Christian's Journal Entry for Day 17 : The road was sticky today but never the less the trip went fast. The distance was a little long alone but the next step into Ukraine Emmanuelle will be by my side again.

In the exit of the town of Radom I had stopped to oil my bike which was making a little noise but I have found that a little noise over 100 km eats at you. The sound becomes a mantra and your focus gets turned away from the road. In Poland the roads are only big enough to hold two trucks and a biker semi comfortably side by side but when someone makes a wrong judgment of space or there is a sudden lapse of pavement, one of us has to leave the road. This someone is usually me who ends up in the ditch or a bush. So you can see that a small noise that comes from the lower rear sprocket on the back wheel could cause a little problem...click here to read more

Emmanuelle's Journal Entry for Day 17 : We were sorry to leave our comfortable apartment suite of Radom but it was time to move on. I took the train to Lublin a 6 am. For once there was a whole train cart dedicated to bikes like me. For the first time, I felt part of a whole.

A couple of hours later, I was at Lublin station which gave me the impression that I had stepped into a clean, safe city.

Chris joined me some 5 hours later and the usual ritual of looking for a place to sleep began. This is never an easy task when you don’t know a city. All hotels were way beyond our budget. Tired and thirsty, we decided to take a break in a cafe on a terrace. It’s when we met Paul that the wind of change brought us good luck. Paul is a polish citizen, a local resident of Lublin who had moved to Warsaw. Paul had traveled in Spain and was about to take another trip to Italy by bike with his girlfriend. You could tell he was very much enjoying meeting different people and cultures. Paul is a very interesting man that told us about Polish culture and language, allowing us to better understand Polish. Too bad we had to wait till the last stop in Poland, to realize who the Polish are. Paul also indicated the address of the university dorm. That was so helpful.,....click here to read more

Chernobyl trek from Fribourg switzerland travel to chernobyl