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Welcome to the Mountain bike trip map section that outlines our cycling route to raise awareness for the survivors of the Chernobyl accident. Feel free to browse our the map below or to use the menu above to find other days of our 2000 km mountain bike trip. The map of day 1 will start in Fribourg Switzerland and end in Olten Switzerland.
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Day 12 : Poland

Total Km:
106 km
Av Speed:
23 km/h
Total Time:
6 h
Altitude acc:
340 m
34 ° C
sun and clouds

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Chernobyl trek from Fribourg switzerland travel to chernobyl

Christian's Journal Entry for Day 12 : Made good time today but yesterday burned me out. I have a pain in my right leg that I can’t shake off. Tendons or something or maybe I just have too much time to think. Or maybe the fact that my gears are all screwed up and I only have 5 solid gears to run with has something to do with it. I have to stop in the next shop and get some parts or I’ll be stranded out in the middle of nowhere forging a gear out of raw iron.

The road was good until about 11 am when the pavement seemed to melt due to the suns powerful happiness and the tires of the bike seemed t. ...click here to read more

Emmanuelle's Journal Entry for Day 12 : I woke up this morning with a dry throat. There was no air in the tiny bedroom of an old hotel in Klodzko. The hotel mirrored very well the flavor of this town: rough, dirty and unsafe. I was ready to leave the place a.s.a.p. Chris took me to the train station. It was not easy to find a train to Opole. I had to take a detour through Worclaw and change train there. Again, I got screwed with my ticket; they charged me double of the price of my bike. 3 dollars more is nothing but the idea of being cheated drives me crazy. Any way, the Polish seem a little bit more helpful and nice than the Czechs. A couple of them actually spontaneously offered to help me take out my bike of the train.

I finally arrived in Opole by 11 o clock, a 4 hour ride! Chris is probably going faster than me especially considering that the terrain is quite flat. I wish I could bike today but after yesterday, it's probably better I give my hand a rest. So I rested until Chris arrived by 2 pm...click here to read more

Chernobyl trek from Fribourg switzerland travel to chernobyl