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Welcome to the Mountain bike trip map section that outlines our cycling route to raise awareness for the survivors of the Chernobyl accident. Feel free to browse our the map below or to use the menu above to find other days of our 2000 km mountain bike trip. The map of day 1 will start in Fribourg Switzerland and end in Olten Switzerland.
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Day 12 : Poland

Total Km:
98 km
Av Speed:
22 km/h
Total Time:
6 h
Altitude acc:
200 m
34 ° C
sun and clouds

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Christian's Journal Entry for Day 13 : I got a good jump on the day today and left at 630. My muscles were sore but I was happy to be on the bike again. Emmanuelle and I parted at the station this morning and it was already getting hot outside.

I stopped after about 25 km to go to the bathroom at a local restaurant. The restaurant was closed so I thought I could actually use the bathrooms without paying the toilet lady. To my surprise there was no one in the diner or on the street but when I opened the door to the bathrooms the bathroom lady was there. So I paid her 2 polish monies and she gave me my 3 squares of toilet paper. The rest I'll leave unsaid.. ...click here to read more

Emmanuelle's Journal Entry for Day 13 :

I took the train at 6.17 this morning. Direction: Czestochowa, Poland. I arrived at the station almost 3 hours later. It was an interesting ride; I got to see many towns, some of them in the middle of dense forests.

When I arrived in Czestochowa, I was surprised to see a rather new station with wheelchair ramps. What a treat! I patiently waited for Chris to arrive. I had time to get to know all the bums; one of them was really nice. He looked like a harmless teddy bear. We managed to communicate a little but the conversation died down very quickly....click here to read more

Chernobyl trek from Fribourg switzerland travel to chernobyl