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Here you will find information on the exact equipment that we have taken from fribourg to Chernobyl on our cross europe bike trip

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Welcome to the equipment pages


Budget Equipment

We would like to thank all thoes who have helped in our trip in donating equipment and contacts to make this trip as easy as possible on us. The huge reponse by the people and their communities have allowed us to reduce the overall weight of our packs from 20 kg to 14 kg by donating their old equipment and sponsoring new lighter equipment. See our sponsor pages here to view the equipment and the people who have helped us in our trip. Or click here to see a detailed list of supplies and the complete budget.

Main Equipment
Donated by
Mens Mountain Bike
3200 CHF
Soliloq Enterprises
Front Bike Bags
150 CHF
Rear Bike Bags
Misc Bike Equipment (pump patches repair tools)
Mens Helmet
Bike shoes Mens
210 CHF
the bike shop
Bike computers (2)
Womens Mountain Bike
1390 CHF
Front Bike Bags
150 CHF
Rear Bike Bags
115 CHF
Womens Helmet
Denis Cuche
Bike Shoes Womens
210 CHF
Alexandre Plattet

Promotion Papers and Advertising
Website space (advertising etc)
400 CHF
Permits and legalities

Sleeping Bag (1)
Len and Norma Berkowitz
Sleeping Bag (2)
250 CHF
Muriel Plattet
GPS and maps
Stefan Hengsberger
Leuenberger Christoph
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Day packs
Philippe Renz
Cook ware and camping etc
280 CHF
Misc Cash donations
Donations are always welcome

Or send us a cash Donation for our